Washoe County provides this forum for the candidates, but does not endorse or mandate the use by candidates. It is at the candidate's discretion whether or not to use this forum provided by Washoe County. This list represents all candidates currently filed with our Office and the Secretary of State for upcoming elections, but is not updated in real-time.

To view a live list of Candidates filed, visit the Secretary of State's website here.


President of the United States

United States Senate

Sam Brown - Republican Party
Jim Marchant - Republican Party
Garn Mabey - Republican Party
Mike Schaefer - Democratic Party
Janine Hansen - Independent American Party
Jeffrey Ross Gunter - Republican Party
Allen Rheinhart - Nonpartisan
Edmund Victor Uehling - Nonpartisan
Joseph J. Destin - Nonpartisan
Barry Cameron Lindemann - Republican Party
Walter A. Grady Jr. - Republican Party
Gary A. Marinch - Republican Party
Stephanie Phillips - Republican Party
Ronda Kennedy - Republican Party
Vincent Geronimo Rego - Republican Party
Bill Conrad - Republican Party
Christopher Cunningham - Libertarian Party of Nevada
Edward T. Hamilton - Republican Party
Jacklyn Sheryl Rosen - Democratic Party
Chris Mazlo - Nonpartisan
Troy Walker - Democratic Party

United States Representative in Congress District 2

Mark E. Amodei - Republican Party
Fred J. Simon Jr. - Republican Party
Lynn Chapman - Independent American Party
Robert Gregory Kidd - Nonpartisan
Javi Tachiquin - Libertarian Party of Nevada

State Senate District 15

Angela Taylor - Democratic Party
Mark Neumann - Republican Party
Naomi Duerr - Democratic Party
Michael Ginsburg - Republican Party
Johnny Kerns - Democratic Party
Sharron E. Angle - Republican Party

State Assembly District 24

Erica Roth - Democratic Party
Terisia Kolesnick - Republican Party

State Assembly District 25

Selena La Rue Hatch - Democratic Party
Diana Sande - Republican Party

State Assembly District 26

Richard Delong - Republican Party
Scott Savage - Democratic Party
Diane Sullivan - Democratic Party

State Assembly District 27

Alex Velto - Democratic Party
Heather Goulding - Democratic Party
Carmen L. Ortiz - Republican Party

State Assembly District 30

Natha Clyde Anderson - Democratic Party
Morgan Kolvet - Nonpartisan

State Assembly District 31

Jill Dickman - Republican Party
Stuart MacKie - Democratic Party

State Assembly District 32

John Cardiff Gerhardt - Nonpartisan
Jason Bushey - Republican Party
Alexis M. Hansen - Republican Party
Arnold Thomas - Democratic Party

State Assembly District 40

Philip O'Neill - Republican Party
Drew Ribar - Republican Party
Katherine Ramsey - Democratic Party

County Commissioner District 1

Alexis Hill - Democratic Party
Marsha Lee Berkbigler - Republican Party
Melissa Fitch - Republican Party
Eugene E. Hoover - Republican Party

County Commissioner District 4

Clara Andriola - Republican Party
Tracey Hilton-Thomas - Republican Party
Mark Lawson - Republican Party
Gabriel Christenson - Nonpartisan
Trista Gomez - Republican Party
John L. Walter II - Republican Party
Marsela Kupfersmith - Nonpartisan

Supreme Court Justice Seat C

Supreme Court Justice Seat F

Supreme Court Justice Seat G

State Board of Education District 2

University of Nevada Regent District 9

School Board Trustee District A

School Board Trustee District D

School Board Trustee District E

School Board Trustee District G, At Large

Gerlach GID

Grand View Terrace GID

Incline Village GID

Palomino Valley GID

Sun Valley GID

Verdi TV District

North Lake Tahoe FPD

Reno City Council Ward 1

Reno City Council Ward 3

Reno City Council Ward 5

Reno City Council Ward 6

Sparks City Council Ward 1

Sparks City Council Ward 3

Sparks City Council Ward 5

Sparks City Attorney

Sparks Municipal Court Judge Department 2

Gerlach-Wadsworth Justice of the Peace

Incline Village Justice of the Peace

Reno/Verdi Justice of the Peace Department 1

Reno/Verdi Justice of the Peace Department 6

Sparks Justice of the Peace Department 1