Work Program and Community Service

Juveniles referred to Washoe County Department of Juvenile Services can be assigned to the Work Program by their Probation Officer or Case Manager. Alternatively, they have the option to fulfill their community service hours at a local non-profit agency of their family's choice. This approach nurtures responsibility, empathy, and accountability in juveniles, motivating them to make amends for their actions and actively contribute to the community.

Work Program
The Work Program, managed by Juvenile Services, operates on weekends during the school year and weekdays during school breaks.
Hours of Operation
7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Location of Dropoff
650 Ferrari-McLeod on all scheduled days.
If a juvenile cannot attend, a parent/guardian must contact Work Program, 775-325-7919, before 7:30 am on the scheduled day.
Contact the Case Manager or Probation Officer to reschedule any missed days. 
Please see a list of Work Program Rules.


Community Service
Juveniles opting for community service at a local non-profit agency must locate a suitable site on their own, record their hours, and report this information to their Probation Officer or Case Manager. It is essential to discuss this option in advance to ensure the selected site meets the necessary criteria.