Probation Units

The Probation Division employs a range of diversion and formal court processing strategies to serve juveniles and their families within our community. Our units are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the youth while promoting rehabilitation and community safety.

Informal Supervision Unit
ISU serves as the entry point for early intervention and prevention programs, offering case management for juveniles referred for low level offenses or not requiring formal court intervention. Decisions regarding the provision of informal supervision are based on the juvenile's delinquency history, offense severity, and potential risk to the community. This unit focuses on the early identification of at-risk juveniles, empowering families to collaboratively address challenges, with a particular emphasis on status and misdemeanor offenders.
Probation Assessment Unit
PAU is responsible for processing and assessing juveniles not currently under probation who have committed delinquent offenses, particularly those involving gross misdemeanors and felonies.  This unit prepares investigative reports using assessment tools approved by the State of Nevada, which are used to identify strengths, areas of concern, and guide department and court decisions.   
Compliance Units
Comprising two specialized teams, the Compliance Units oversee the supervision of juveniles under court-ordered mandates. These units are dedicated to identifying targeted case interventions and ensuring the completion of court-ordered requirements.
Gang Unit
Our specialized Gang Unit provides supervision and support to identified gang members while collaborating closely with the Regional Gang Unit to address gang-related concerns.
Sexual Behavior Unit
The Sexual Behavior Unit specializes in assessing, providing services to, and supervising juveniles who have been referred due to illegal sexual behavior. 
This specialized unit is responsible for supervising juveniles who have been court-ordered to China Spring Youth Camp and Aurora Pines Girls Facility. Working in conjunction with the Children's Cabinet, these officers provide essential re-entry services for juveniles returning from CSYC/APGF programs.
Behavioral Health Unit
The Behavioral Health Unit focuses on supervising juveniles in need of mental and behavioral health services, ensuring they receive appropriate support and resources for their well-being.