Juvenile Services

Juvenile Case Process

Juvenile Services is the local government agency responsible for receiving and processing all law enforcement referrals for juveniles in Washoe County. These referrals are routed to the Department in the form of a written citation or an arrest and booking into the local juvenile detention center known as Wittenberg Hall.
The law enforcement agency that issued the juvenile a citation usually forwards a report to the Department within 7-15 business days. The citation will be processed and assigned to a member of our staff based on the severity of the offense and other factors included in the citation. Based on the information and other factors in the case, the following may occur:
  • The juvenile may be scheduled for a meeting to discuss the citation with a member of our staff;
  • The juvenile may be scheduled for a plea hearing in Juvenile Court.
  • The juvenile may be recommended for a diversion program such as informal supervision per NRS 62C.200;
Juvenile Services will send information explaining when and if a juvenile must appear for a meeting with a member of our staff generally within two weeks of receiving the citation. More information and instructions will be included in this document advising parent/guardian and juvenile of their rights and responsibilities.
If a juvenile is arrested by a law enforcement agency for allegations of a delinquent act, they will be transported and booked into Wittenberg Hall, our local juvenile detention center. During the admission process, a parent/guardian will be contacted by telephone and advised of responsibilities and whether the juvenile will remain detained pending further court action.
Arrest and Release
Releases may occur to a parent or guardian’s custody in the following ways:
  • Release with no restrictions pending contact with a member of our staff or future court appearances.
  • Release on home supervision or other conditions pending a scheduled detention hearing, usually the next business day, but no later than 72 business hours.
Arrested and Detained
If your juvenile is arrested and detained, you will be notified of your responsibilities and advised of the time, date, and location of your juvenile’s detention hearing, usually the next business day. Unless you choose to hire a private attorney, your juvenile will be represented at this hearing by the Public Defender’s Office, at no cost. At the detention hearing, the Judge or Juvenile Court Master will determine if your juvenile will be detained, released, or released on house arrest with or without electronic monitoring, or with special conditions pending further court appearances.
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