Probation Services

Joe Saiz, Division Director
Riley Killingsworth, Program Manager
RJ Lopez, Program Manager
Lance Mezger, Program Manager
Candice Roundy, Program Manager
Probation Division Overview
The Probation Division is an integral part of the Washoe County Department of Juvenile Services. Probation Officers assess the risk and needs of juvenile offenders, prepare and present court recommendations and provide targeted supervision and case management services to hold juveniles accountable, provide public safety, and create opportunities for positive youth and family development.
Probation Assessment
Probation Officers prepare investigative reports using assessment tools approved by the State of Nevada. These reports are used to identify strengths and areas of concern, which provide guidance regarding department and court decisions. 
Informal Supervision/Diversion
In some instances, juveniles may be placed under the informal supervision of a Case Manager pursuant to NRS 62C.200. Informal supervision diverts juveniles from formal prosecution based on a voluntary agreement to participate in programs, services, or pay restitution to a victim. The decision to offer a juvenile informal supervision is based on a juvenile’s delinquency history, severity of the offense, and other factors such as the estimated risk a juvenile may present to the community.
Formal Probation
If a juvenile is ordered onto probation, they will be assigned a Probation Officer who will provide community-based supervision using evidenced-informed case management strategies based on the juvenile’s individual risks and needs. Probation Officers assist juveniles with completing community service, attending school, establishing positive peer relationships, and providing referrals to programs and services that help maintain a law-abiding lifestyle. Probation Officers make regular contact with juveniles in the office, home, and school to monitor case goals, behavior, and conformance with any probation conditions or other court orders.