District Attorney


Washoe County District Attorney
Christopher J. Hicks

Mills B. Lane Justice Center
1 South Sierra Street
South Tower, 4th Floor, Reno, NV, 89501
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Contact Us

Family Support: wcdafsd@da.washoecounty.gov 775.789.7100

Firearm Background Checks (Law Enforcement Inquires): DA-AgencyFirearmsBackground@washoecounty.gov 

Investigations: DA-SupervisorInvestigations@da.washoecounty.gov 775.321.4300

General public records request can be submitted through 311.

Records: DA-Records-All@washoecounty.gov 775.328.3200 (This is the intake of records from law enforcement or defense attorneys. It is not for criminal reports, nor records outside discovery.) 

Victim Witness Advocate Center: DA-InvestVWACSupervisors@@da.washoecounty.gov 775.328.3210

Media requests can contact: PIO Kendall Holcomb kholcomb@da.washoecounty.gov 775-328-3223

Other/General Inquires: districtattorney@da.washoecounty.gov 775.328.3200



Mission of the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office

The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to the pursuit of justice for the estimated more than 471k citizens of Washoe County and plays a major role in the safety of the public it serves. The office is led by an elected District Attorney who is selected by popular vote to a four year term. Current District Attorney Christopher J. Hicks is the 37th District Attorney for Washoe County to be elected since the office was established in 1864. The District Attorney’s Office is divided into four divisions: Criminal, Civil, Family Support, and Administration. More than 170 prosecutors, attorneys, legal support staff, investigators, and victim advocates diligently contribute to the work of prosecuting crimes committed in our area, and a variety of other legal functions in support of county government. 

The primary mission of the office is achieving justice and protecting the welfare of the community. The agency operates on a $22 million budget, which provides for day-to-day operations of its mandated duties. The Criminal Division is charged with the prosecution of felony, gross misdemeanor, and juvenile crimes, as well as certain misdemeanors which occur within the jurisdiction of the office. The Civil Division provides legal representation to Washoe County agencies and departments, including the Board of County Commissioners. The Family Support Division safeguards the rights of children by enforcing child support obligations in accordance with Nevada law. Finally, the Administration Division is charged with the operational management of the office, to include finance, budget, grant administration, human resources, training, and professional development and special projects. We encourage you to learn more about your Washoe County District Attorney’s Office. 

Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »