Civil Division


Nate Edwards

The Civil Division is headed by Assistant District Attorney Nathan Edwards. The Civil  Division provides legal representation to all elected and appointed officials of Washoe County,  as well as to over 68 boards, agencies and commissions through which services are provided  to the public. Other units or divisions of the Office of District Attorney included within the  umbrella of the Civil Division are:


Family Support

The Family Support Team is headed by Chief Deputy District Attorney Kathleen Baker. The division establishes and enforces the parental obligation to pay support for the children of Washoe County; provides child support enforcement services for parents outside of Washoe County where the non-payor resides in Washoe County; and enforces or modifies support decrees to assure adequate support payments and medical insurance coverage for children residing in Washoe County.  Please click here for Family Support application information.

Child Protective Services

The Child Protective Services Team is run by Chief Deputy District Attorney Buffy Okuma. This unit consists of eight attorneys and four legal assistants handling the very sensitive and often complex cases arising out of child abuse and neglect. The unit works primarily with the family court, but coordinates on occasion with the criminal side of the District Attorney`s Office on certain cases.

General Civil

The Civil Team is headed by Chief Deputy District Attorney Mary Kandaras. The team of 10 attorneys, 1 paralegal and 4 assistants provides legal advice to the many officials and departments that serve the residents of Washoe County, including the Board of County Commissioners, the Sheriff and the Health District. The Civil Team attorneys attend public meetings and advise members about the open meeting law and any legal matters that may arise. The Civil Team also represents the County, its officials and employees in civil actions.

Forfeiture Unit

This unit works with law enforcement to seize through formal civil process and to sell assets and property suspected of being used for or purchased with money generated from the illegal sale of narcotics.