Frequently Asked Questions

  • I got a text saying a hearing is no longer happening. What does this mean?

    Sometimes, a hearing that was scheduled will be continued or called-off. If a hearing is continued, it will likely be reset for another date, while call-offs happen for a variety of reasons. For example, one of the parties may file a motion in the case and the hearing won't be able to go forward until a judge addresses the motion. Or in some casses, a defendent may agree to a plea, eliminating the need for the hearing altogether. If you receive a notification that a hearing is no longer happening, you do not need to attend court. You will be notified if a new date is set. 

  • Child Support

    For answers to questions concerning child support services or how to make a child support payment, please visit Washoe County Family Support for more information.

  • Fraudulent Check Diversion Program

     Fraudulent Check Diversion Program payments can be made with Cashier's Checks or Money Orders at the following locations:

     Pay by mail OR in person with a Cashier's Check or Money Order. Mail or take payments to:

                   Mills B Lane Justice Center
                   1 South Sierra St, 4th Floor
                   Reno, NV 89501  

    Credit Card payments have been temporarily discontinued.  

    Victims of Fraudulent Check crimes can find more information here.

  • How do I get an attorney for a civil matter? What if I don’t have money for an attorney?

    The Nevada State Bar has a list of licensed attorneys in the area and some are listed by specialty.

    If you can’t afford an attorney, you can contact Washoe Legal Services.  There is also help available at the Washoe County Law Library located in the Second Judicial District Court building at 75 Court Street, Reno, Nevada.  They have a program called Lawyer in the Library on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with free legal help.

  • How do I get copies of my court papers?

    You will need to contact the Court Clerk’s Office for copies of court papers.