Business & Development Teams

Washoe County Community Service Department business and development services teams include professionals in the areas of planning, engineering, building and business licensing. We also partner with multiple agencies to review and approve development projects. Combined expertise includes air quality, fire, wildlife, public health, water and sewer, vector control, traffic and more.

Business License Team

Within the CSD Administration Division, the Business License team reviews business license applications to determine if the business meets local and state requirements. The team ensures that partnering agencies public safety concerns are included in the business license prior to final approval. Learn More »

Building Teams

The Building Team is a member of the CSD Planning and Building division. The team is focused on ensuring that structures on the property meet adopted professional standards and public safety guidelines. The team provides centralized service through our permit technician team to submit building plans and obtain review and approval from both internal and partnering agencies. This team has both plan review, enforcement and compliance arms and is responsible for ensuring a constructed site is built to provided and approved plans. Building teams are more engaged in projects that are in the final stages of development and construction. The project is complete when the team confirms that the project is built to approved standards and the owner is provided the final Certificate of Occupancy.
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Planning Teams

Within the County CSD Planning and Building Division, the Planning Team reviews proposed development projects to determine if they meet local planning and code requirements for the type of use in the area. For projects that are outside of the expected use or have community impacts, the planning team coordinates extensive agency and public review and public approval process through appointed boards. The team has both public engagement, plan review and enforcement arms and is responsible for ensuring that public vision as stated in adopted plans and related code and industry standards are a component of development projects. The planning team is typically one of the first partners in a development project and maintains the public review process.
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Engineering Teams

Within Engineering and Capital Projects, the Engineering team supports development services efforts through mapping and surveying, traffic, water and sewer availability, stormwater management, and adherence to federal flood management requirements. The team has both plan review, enforcement and compliance arms and is responsible for ensuring that development projects meet adopted industry standard guidelines.
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