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Codes & Regulations

The business and development process in unincorporated Washoe County, Nevada is guided by a collection of separate controlling sources including Nevada State Law and business licensing code, land development code, site and/ or area-specific zoning regulations, building and technical codes, and technical criteria manuals.

Washoe County Code

Washoe County Code is hosted on muni-code and is managed by Washoe County Clerks Office. 

Land Development (Chapter 110)

Washoe County Code Chapter 110 contains Land Development Code and is hosted by the Washoe County Planning and Building Division.  

Area Plans (Chapter 110 - Section II)

Washoe County is distinguished by geographic areas that have specific plans for development. The area plans are located in Washoe County development code, in section II.

Development Standards (Chapter 110 - Section IV)

Washoe County Development Standards are located within Washoe County Code, Chapter 110, Section IV. The development code standards provide information from lot standards, to setbacks, traffic analysis and street design standards. 

Building Technical Codes

Washoe County Building Technical Codes are established in Washoe County Code Chapter 100. Washoe County code adopted by reference, 2018 International Building Code (Residential, Commercial, Existing Building, Energy Conservation Code, Mechanical, Fuel Core, urban wildland urban interface, swimming pool and spa, national fire protection association, electrical code, and amendments). Building Codes and Standards are included on Washoe County Building Online.

Building Design Standards

Washoe County building design standards, seismic design, snow load requirements, foundations and slab design requirements are identified within county code and outlined on our building site. 

Engineering Development Services: Design Standards

Washoe County Engineering Development Services team standard details for public infrastructure improvements include general surface improvements, sewer, stormwater, water system, wastewater lift design, and traffic control. 

Business License

Business licenses in unincorporated Washoe County are guided by Washoe County Code Chapter 25. In addition, licenses, applications and related frequently asked questions are located on the business license online site.  


Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »