Washoe County Code

Washoe County Code Disclaimer:
See Completed Ordinance list for changes after January 2016.

The Washoe County Code was recently updated by Supplement 14 bringing the Code current to January of 2016. For ordinances that have amended the Code since then, please navigate to the Complete Ordinance list page.

You can now browse and search Washoe County Code through the new web application here: 


Link to Municode web application

Tutorial and Overview

For your convenience, here is an overview and tutorial of the web application known as Municode that hosts the Washoe County Code.

MunicodeNEXT Overview from Municode on Vimeo.

Chapter 110

Supplement 14 does NOT include any ordinances pertaining to Chapter 110 of the County Code (Development Code). The Development Code is maintained by the Washoe County Community Services Department; However, ALL ordinances that are approved by the Board of County Commissioners are viewable and searchable on the Complete Ordinance List page. To view the Development Code you may visit the Community Services Department website at:


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