House Arrest / Electronic Monitoring

DAS House Arrest/ Electronic Monitoring provides House Arrest and GPS location monitoring for Probation Supervision as well as Pre-Trial Supervised offenders in Washoe County thru IntelliTrack by Track Group.
house arrest imageOnce enrolled in IntelliTrack Electronic Monitoring House Arrest Program the enrollee may live at home and tend to family obligations. Pending court approval, they may also attend work, counseling, drug or alcohol programs, school, and medical appointments. Those enrolled in the program who are under Pre-Trial Supervision must adhere to all court ordered requirements i.e. No Contact, residential confinement, drug and alcohol testing, etc...

House Arrest provides greater sentencing flexibility so that offenders convicted of certain crimes may continue their employment or educations, live in their communities, and take part in court-ordered programs (such as DUI classes or drug treatment) in a community environment. 

Alternatives to incarceration are intended to provide both punishment and rehabilitation. Judges in Nevada try to impose appropriate alternatives to incarceration that fit an offender’s crime. 

Electronic Monitoring  can provide benefits to the community and the family of the person incarcerated in  jail. 

  • Reduced cost of incarceration
  • The ability to tailor consequences to the individual
  • An opportunity for the individual to contribute to society
  • A mechanism to hold violators immediately accountable
  • Can be effective in lieu of bail or help to lower bail amount.  
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