Election Process

The Washoe County Registrar of Voters office is dedicated to transparency, accessibility, and accuracy in our elections.  We encourage our Washoe County citizens to learn more about our electoral process and how we operate in this highly regulated environment.

The Life of a Ballot: Ever wonder what happens to your mail-in ballot after it's returned to the Registrar of Voters? This Infographic takes you through your ballot's journey from the time it's received to the time your vote is counted and recorded.

Signature Verification, Ballot Challenges and Ballot Curing: Learn more about signature verification and the role it plays in why a ballot is challenged and how a challenged ballots can be "cured". 

Electioneering and Campaigning, Political Signs: Get information on electioneering laws, and county and city codes regulating campaign and election signage.

Election Integrity and Security: From the certification of our voting systems to internal audits to the chain of custody of our equipment: learn how Washoe County Registrar of Voters complies with federal and state laws governing elections.

What is a Closed Election? In Nevada, Primary Elections are "Closed" elections.  That means if you chose Democratic or Republican as your party affiliation on your voter registration application or registration updates, you may vote only for candidates from your own party.  Those voters can also vote for nonpartisan contests.  Nonpartisan and minor political party voters can cast ballots for nonpartisan offices which have a primary election. 

The Presidential Preference Primary Election, which will occur in place of a Caucus for the 2024 Election in Nevada.  This election is only open to registered voters who chose Republican or Democrat as their party affiliation and if there is more than one (1) candidate for that political party who files a declaration of candidacy for the Presidential Preference Primary with the Nevada Secretary of State during the filing period in October of 2023. If a voter is registered with a party affiliation of a minor political party, nonpartisan or no political party they will not receive a sample or mail ballot for this election. 

Voters can check their voter registration to confirm their party affiliation to see if they are currently eligible to participate.  Voters can also update their registration online or at a Vote Center if voting in person.  To receive a mail ballot, those changes must be received by our office no later than 15 days before Election Day.