Signature Verification and Ballot Curing

What is signature verification?

This is the process of comparing the signature on a voter's returned ballot envelope (ballot packet) with the voter signature(s) in the voter registration database. If the signature(s) from the database match the signature on the ballot packet, it is verified, and the ballot continues in the process to be counted.  If the signature cannot be verified (either because the signatures do not match or there is no signature) then it is challenged and must be cured in order to be counted. 
If a voter chooses to vote using a mail ballot, they are encouraged to go to the "Check Your Ballot Status" link.  Reports are updated daily, and voters can confirm if their ballot was received with the date it was received.  The report will also note if a ballot has been challenged.  If the ballot is verified and not challenged or has been cured then the voter record will simply show the date in which it was received.

View the following video to learn more. 


What is a challenged ballot?

For those who mail in or drop off their mail-in ballots, signature verification is required for the ballot to be processed. This is how we verify that the voters on the return envelope is the voter who sent in the ballot to be cast.  A ballot will become challenged if it cannot be verified, because the signature did not match, or the voter forgot to sign to sign their return envelope. 

What does it mean to cure your ballot?

If the voter’s ballot is challenged, the Registrar of Voters begins the process to “cure” the ballot by sending correspondence to the voter, offering them instructions on how to cure their ballot so that their vote can be counted.  If the ballot is not cured, the ballot can not be counted. 
If you receive a letter stating that your ballot is challenged, please take the steps outline in the letter to cure your ballot. 
During the curing process, we are confirming that the listed voter on the envelope is who sent in the ballot to be counted.  If the voter confirms that they did return their mail ballot to be counted they can either answer a series of security questions or provide a copy of their ID.  The letter will outline the options of coming in person, returning the correspondence with the appropriate information filled out, using the electronic options or they can contact our office at 775-328-3670 and cure the ballot over the phone.   

Once the Registrar of Voters office receives verification, the ballot is processed and the vote is counted.

If the Registrar of Voters is not able to cure the ballot or confirm that it was the voter who returned that ballot, then that vote is not processed or counted toward final results of the election.