Election Integrity and Security

Safeguarding the integrity and security of every election is paramount to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters’ mission. We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the election process, protecting voter rights and promoting voter participation.

The following are ways in which we ensure the protection of every ballot that is cast, including implementing the necessary safeguards, security, chain of custody, and quality assurance procedures.

Voting and Election Systems Security

There are many precautions we take which include physical, procedural, and cybersecurity aimed to prevent outside interference in our elections. Go to our Voting Systems Security site to learn more. 

Life of a Ballot

Ever wonder what happens to your mail-in ballot after it's returned to the Registrar of Voters? This infographic takes you through your ballot's journey from the time it's received to the time your vote is counted and recorded.

Prohibited Activities During an Election

From electioneering laws to campaign signage, this site features activities that are prohibited during an election.