Dog Owners

Follow Local Leash Laws

Chapter 95.220 of the County Code: Owners must have animals leashed no more than 6 feet in length and under immediate control at all times.

All parks managed by Washoe County require that your dog is leashed.  There may be other trails and lands within Washoe County that have their own rules. Know before you go and always have a leash with you. 

  • Never allow your dog to approach another dog or human without permission
  • Do not allow your dog to jump on others
  • Not all people are 'dog people.'  They may have had a negative experience and don't enjoy dogs in the same way that you might. Respect the comfort level of others and keep your dog under control.
  • Unleashed dogs may chase or endangering the local wildlife populations. Leash your pet protects local flora and fauna.
  • If you have an unfriendly dog, please consider avoiding busier trails.
  • Leash or no leash, animals are prohibited at Bowers Mansion Regional Park and the Wilbur D. May Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael Park.
  • Want room to roam leash-free? Visit Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas for more information.

Pick it Up & Pack it Out 

Chapter 55.130 of the County Code: It is unlawful for any person owning or having control or custody of any animal to permit the animal to defecate upon the public property of the county or upon the private property of another unless the person immediately removes the feces and properly disposes of it.

Leaving bagged and unbagged dog waste is hard on the environment and takes away from everybody's outdoor trail experience. Being on trails with a dog is a big responsibility.

  • Always come prepared with dog waste bags, a leash and extra water. 
  • Pick up dog waste and carry it to the nearest trash receptacle. Want to be a leader in trail etiquette? Pick up abandoned bags and bring them to the nearest trash can.  
  • Carry the dog waste with you! You may believe you'll circle back for the waste, but sometimes we forget or change our routes. Leaving the bag is unfair to those who would like to walk or hike without seeing trash.
  • Dog waste is not the same as waste from wild animals.  It carries disease and non-natural chemicals from dog food that are bad for the environment and the watershed.  


Know Your Pet

You know your dog best. What they do and do not like. Don't let others persuade you to put your dog in a situation that you know your dog would be uncomfortable in. Make sure you and your dog have a positive experience every time you hit the trail by advocating for your dog and listening to their signals.