Bikes & Motorized Vehicles

E-Bike Rules

On Washoe County managed trails, E-Bikes are currently allowed on designated trails and dirt roads, check for signage. E-bikes are not allowed on non-authorized trails. For additional general information regarding E-Bike classifications and where E-Bikes can most commonly be ridden, follow this link to Trails are Common Ground. 

Bicycle & E-Bike Etiquette

Bicycle etiquette is the same whether you're riding an E-bike or a traditional bicycle. Be kind, be courteous, share the trail, and keep speed under control. 

All bicycles must share the trails with other user types, such as equestrians, pedestrians, dogs and adaptive devices. Maintain a safe speed that will allow you to react quickly if you come upon another trail user. High speeds in popular areas, such as urban parks and paved paths, are strongly discouraged. 

Ride Single File
Riding side-by-side causes a "roadblock" in both directions. This is especially important to follow on popular trails where strollers and dogs on leash may be present. 

Best practices would have riders using a bicycle bell that alerts others to your presence. Be courteous and ask first before passing. Others might be huffing and puffing their way up the trail and are not ready for someone to pass them at speeds e-bikes poses. Announce yourself and kindly ask if you may pass. When you do pass, do so at a reasonable speed. 

Most trail etiquette practices encourage that UPHILL traffic has the right of way, as they are working harder. Washoe County managed trails are multi-use and multi-directional, keep speeds under control. Additionally, if you are coming up to a blind corner, decrease your speed and use a bell to announce your presence. You may know your local trails but others might not.  

Moving Off Trail
You may need to take a break or allow others to pass. When doing so, take a step off the trail in a safe location and try to avoid crushing vegetation alongside the path. Moving off the trail will eliminate trail congestion and the potential for a collision to occur.  

Don't Cut Corners or Make New Trails
Do not cut the trail in order to pass a biker or rider. Instead, communicate that you are there and ask to pass. Staying on designated trails protects plants and wildlife habitat from destruction. Riding off trail causes erosion and costly maintenance repairs.
Trail damage

Motorized Vehicles

Currently, Washoe county does not have any designated motorized trails. But do not fret moto-loving Nevadans, here are some motorized trails nearby:

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