Cleaning/Security Deposit

All reservable facilities require a refundable cleaning/security deposit. Deposits range from $200 to $550 for most facilities. Special events and larger facilities require a larger deposit. All cleaning/security deposits are due at the time the reservation is made. 

Refunding your deposit: If the facility has been left in satisfactory condition, your cleaning/security deposit refund will be issued within 6 weeks after the date of the event. The deposit will be paid to the individual who paid the deposit in the form it was paid. If your deposit was paid by credit card, your refund will be made ot the same credit card account. Closing that account may jeopardize your ability to receive your refund. Deposits or portions thereof may be retained by the Department to cover any additional expenses incurred by the Department associated with the reservation. If you, your entity, group or organization and your invitees or guests access the facility before the scheduled check-in specified or do no vacate the premises at the time specified on your use permit, the entire cleaning/security deposit will be forfeited. In the event that damages to the facility are in excess of the cleaning/security deposit, the user will be billed in addition to forfeiting the deposit.