Kleiner Oak Grove

Kliener Oak Grove

The Kleiner Grove is named after the founder of the Arboretum and former director, Plant Conservationist and Botanist, Ed Kleiner, Ph.d,. The grove was planted over 30 years ago and is located near the Sierra Street entrance of  Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. As you enter the parking lot you will see the "ARBORETUM" sign near the entrance. As you walk through the green gate and arbor you'll notice high above, overhanging oak branches of this special eastern oak collection. The Arboretum supports 18 different species thanks to Dr. Kleiner’s earlier diligent work. These over-thirty year old trees provide dense shade, offering relief from the heat of summer. Red, Pin, Shumard and Scarlett oaks exalt annual fall color (reds, purple, yellow and orange), while Bur and White oaks deliver additional shade and viable acorns. In the spring, the Kleiner Oak Grove is home to our annual Daffodil display and host to the May Arboretum Society’s "Art and Nature" summer event. Take a respite from your busy life, come and enjoy the quiet calming effect of these striking magnificent trees. I know Ed would like for you to experience it.