Evans Creek Wetland Area

Arboretum-Evans-Creek-Bridge.jpgEvans-Creek1.jpgEvans Creek wetlands are a unique and exclusive area of the Arboretum. Regarded by locals as one of the few wetlands to even exist in Reno, they sit at the northern end of the gardens. Flowing east and west, and visited by nearly 57 different avian species in a single season, it is a wonderful place for bird watching hobbyists. A bridge and landing is there for you to relax, reflect, and observe the wildlife beneath the shade of the black willows and cottonwoods. Cattails and other riparian plants are also growing in the slow waters beneath the bridge and landing. It is a great escape from life's day-to-day routine where you can take a deep breath and unwind. This serene spot is also available to rent through our Garden Rental Page or by calling our reservation desk at 775-823-6501.