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Worker’s Compensation insurance covers work-related injuries or illnesses only.  This guide is not to be construed as a policy or other governing document, and does not cover all aspects of Workers Compensation.  For answers that are not provided here, please contact Celeste Wallick at 775 328-2662.

  • Call 911 immediately for life-threatening conditions such as:  chest pains, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, severe bleeding, a  fall from greater than a person’s height, a motor vehicle accident, head injury, etc.  Care for life-threatening conditions may be provided at the closest available hospital following transportation from Emergency Medical Services.
  • Employees must immediately report all accidents, injuries or illnesses to their supervisor by completing the NOTICE OF INJURY OR OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE (INCIDENT REPORT C-1).  If the supervisor is unavailable, it may be reported to another area supervisor, the area HR Rep, or Risk Management. 
  • The following forms are to be sent to Risk Management as soon as possible, but no later than 5 calendar days after the incident.  The C-1, the SUPERVISOR’S REPORT OF INJURY form, and the C-3 form completed by the area HR Representative.
  • For non life-threatening injuries or illnesses, affected employees and their supervisor are to determine the need for medical care, as well as the injured/ill employee’s ability to drive for medical care.  If there is a question of an employee’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, then arrangements for alternative transportation is to be made.
  • The first doctor visit must be at one of our approved providers for Work Comp during their operating hours, or any emergency room after the clinic’s operating hours.  Follow-up care following any hospital visits are to be done at one of the approved providers on their next business day.  Should an employee want to go to another health care provider, they are to submit a written request and obtain written approval from our Third Party Administrator, CCMSI. 
  • If an employee goes to a health care provider other than one of the approved providers for Workers Compensation, that is not an emergency situation, and without prior written approval, costs may not be accepted and may become the employee’s responsibility.  Also, if a claim is not accepted under Workers Compensation, employees may be responsible for incurred costs or submit to their personal insurance.
  • In the event a chemical exposure results in an injury or illness, the Safety Data Sheet on the product is to be taken to the health care provider. Safety Data Sheets may be found on the Inside Washoe under Employee Safety  – Safety Data Sheets. 
  • Brief Description of Rights and Benefits
  • List of Hospitals and Urgent Care Providers

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                                                                          

Work Comp only covers work related injuries or illnesses, so how do you define a work-related injury or illness?

NRS 616A.265 generally states that a work-related Injury is a sudden and tangible happening of a traumatic nature that produces an immediate or prompt result which is established by medical evidence.

NRS 617.440 defines that “Occupational disease” must have a direct connection between the job & the illness, be fairly traced to employment as the proximal cause, and does not come from a hazard equally exposed to outside of employment.

How do I report an on-the-job injury or illness?

You are required to report any on-the-job illness or injury to your direct supervisor immediately.  If they are unavailable, report it to another area Supervisor, your Manager, your HR Representative, or Risk Management.  A C-1 Form is to be completed on the date of injury or illness, regardless of whether medical attention is sought.  Give the completed form to your Supervisor.

Who pays for my Worker’s Compensation claim?

The County is self insured for Worker’s Comp and directly pays costs associated with accepted claims.  

How do I obtain medical treatment for an on-the-job injury or illness?

Notify your Supervisor.  For life-threatening conditions you will be transported via ambulance to the closest available hospital.  For non life-threatening conditions, inform your Supervisor that you need medical treatment.  Provisions may be made for you to be transported by another person if you are physically unable to drive.   

May I go to any doctor or clinic I choose?

No.  One of our approved medical facilities is to be used for initial treatment of all non life-threatening work related injuries or illnesses.  Concentra Medical Center is the preferred provider.  When they are closed, you may seek treatment at a hospital emergency room. 
The County has chosen a network of Providers with experience in occupational medicine and Worker’s Comp to give the highest quality of medical care.  A list of providers may be obtained at CCMSI, or Risk Management.  These Providers submit documentation so claims can be processed promptly and correctly. Physicians may refer you to a specialist if warranted.  You may only have one treating physician at a time.  We use the authorized treating physician recommendations only.  Pre-approval is required if you want to change to a different doctor.  Submit your request, in writing, to CCMSI.  Fax # 324-9893.

Do I get paid time off to go to doctor appointments or physical therapy?

Not under the law, unless you must travel 50 miles or more for treatment.  Leave is to be used for any time missed for care, or as addressed in Bargaining Agreements.  Providers will attempt to schedule appointments around your work schedule whenever possible. 

What do I do if I get a bill?

Approved providers will not bill you for treatment on an accepted claim.  Should you receive any bills, forward them to Risk Management.  NOTE:  If you go to a healthcare provider other than one of our providers, without written pre-approval from our Third Party Administrator, costs may not be accepted, and may become your personal financial responsibility. 

What if my doctor gives me light duty restrictions?

After each visit, give your Supervisor all doctors’ notes for them to review, and they will  forward them to Risk Management.  An attempt will be made to offer you a temporary job within the restrictions.  It is your responsibility to stay within the restrictions given at all times.  You may either remain in your current position, perform another job within your department, or be referred to temporary light duty work in another department for any or all of the duration you are on restricted duty.  If you feel you can return to Full Duty, discuss that with your doctor.  Keep your Supervisor informed about all issues such as absences for doctor appointments, restrictions, etc.

What happens if the doctor takes me off work, or there is no light duty job that I can do with the restrictions they gave me?

If your authorized treating physician certifies you are unable to work, or we cannot provide a light duty position for a period of at least 5 consecutive days, or 5 cumulative days in a 20 day period, you may be entitled to Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits.  TTD is paid at 66 2/3 percent of your average monthly wage (up to a State established maximum).  You will need to complete requested documentation to continue TTD benefits.  FMLA may run concurrent with TTD.  Days lost from work that do not meet the above criteria will be charged against sick or leave days.

How long can TTD go?

TTD continues until you return to work (with or without restrictions) or until your employment status changes.  It is very important to keep in contact with your Supervisor while on TTD.  Failure to follow prescribed medical treatment, missing appointments, or to be available for work, may affect your physical recovery and/or benefits.

Who can help me with my claim?

Your Supervisor, HR Rep, and Risk Management are your internal contacts for Work Comp issues.   

You may also call directly to the Third Party Administrator.  They will provide you written notice of determinations made on your claim.  CCSMI Phone: 324-3301.

Do I need an attorney?

You have the right to retain an attorney, but it should not be necessary.  If you are unhappy about any aspect of your claim, please call Risk Management at 775 328-2662.  We will try to resolve disputed issues.  If you feel you want to talk to a lawyer, the Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers may provide free legal advice and representation.  Their number is 702-486-2830.    

If you have any questions that are not addressed here please call 775 328-2662.


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