EZ Permits

Washoe County EZ Permits launched 2024

The EZ permit process is a faster way to receive permits that do not require plan review. You can now apply, pay and receive an issued permit in the same day.  

Current permits eligible for the EZ permit process:
  • Residential
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Water heater
    • Reroof
    • Wood/Pellet stove
Who can submit using the EZ permit Process?
  • Anyone can use the EZ permit process.
    • Reroof and wood/pellet stove permits do require a permit technician to review for additional required documents.
    • Permits that are pulled as an owner/builder also require a permit technician to review prior to paying fees and receiving an issued permit.
    • New exterior gas lines or new boilers in Incline require a review.
  • Not eligible for EZ permit process.
    • Work that is done inside or on a manufactured or mobile home.
    • Non-residential permits.
    • Permits for work beyond what is listed above.

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FY 2023 07/01/2022 – 06/30/2023

  • 310 Reroof permits
  • 102 Owner/builder utility permits
  • 2,027 Utility permits by contractors


  • Contractors
    • Receive a permit same day as you apply.
    • For permits that may require a permit technician to review, faster turnaround time.
  • Owner/Builder
    • Faster turnaround time.
    • Receive permit card within minutes of paying fees.