How do I schedule an Inspection?

Building Inspections can be scheduled via Building Inspections App, email or voicemail.

Building Inspection App: Download the Washoe County Building Inspection App by visiting the App Store or Google Play. When using the App, inspections can be scheduled up till 11:00 pm to have a next day inspection. The App also shows the time and inspectors name the day of the inspection. 

Email or Voicemail: Inspections can be scheduled via email Or a voicemail (775)325-8000 to receive a next day inspection, please call and schedule by 4pm to receive a next day inspection.

When scheduling inspections via email or voicemail please leave the following information: 

  • Permit Number
  • Address of Job
  • Type of Inspection(s)
  • Date inspection Needed 
  • Contact Name and Phone Number

To receive a specific Inspection time please call (775)328-2020 the day of the inspection between 8:00am - 8:30am


Revisions Response Letter

If revisions are required please make sure you have a cover letter with the plan sheets that are being revised. A template is provided below.  Learn More »
Inspections App

Inspections App