Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for a Building Permit?  Please See Our Permit Search Page                      

(You can search by Address, Assessor Parcel Number or Permit Number)

How do I get copies of Drawings?  Please fill out our Public Records Request Form

                    Note:Information/Drawings prior to 2000 may not be available.

Q: What Are Our Current Days and Hours of Operation?

A: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Q: Why Do I Need To Obtain A Building Permit?

A: The purpose of a building permit is to control the quality of construction to help insure that Washoe County continues to be a safe, beautiful area in which we all can live, work and play. Also, the evidence of a building
permit is often necessary to obtain financing from a lending agency and may be required to close a sale of your property to show that any improvements that have been made are in compliance.

Who May Apply For A Permit?

What work is Exempt from Building Permits?

How Many Sets Of Plans Are Required For Submittal?

If I Am Located Within An Architectural Committee, Does The Committee Need To Review The Plans Before I Submit Them For A Permit?

What are the Minimum Requirements for a Residential Certificate of Occupancy?

How Long Is A Permit Good For?

How Do I Renew A Permit?

What Forms of Payment Does the Building Program Accept?