Payment Update (Credit Cards now allowed):

Washoe County Building will now allow credit card payments for all permit types with a convenience fee. You will still be able to pay via e-check at no additional charge. In order to use a credit card as payment you will be required at checkout to read and agree to the following statement:

□  I understand that the convenience fee charged in connection with this transaction is a pass-through fee generated by and paid to the credit card company processing this transaction. I further understand that the convenience fee reimburses Washoe County for the cost of providing a credit card payment option; that the convenience fee does not exceed the amount the credit card company charges for processing; and that Washoe County does not retain any portion of this fee. I am aware that I do NOT have to use a credit card to pay for this transaction, and that there is no associated convenience fee if I instead elect to use the E-check payment option. By proceeding with this credit card payment, I agree to pay the above convenience fee and waive any claim related thereto.

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