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Due to changes made to State Revised Statutes (NRS), statutory restriction limits Washoe County review and permitting of manufactured projects to site only requirements. This limit applies to all manufactured units, mobile homes, HUD homes, commercial modular, residential modular systems and cargo containers (there may be additional requirements for the placement of cargo containers so please contact the Department of Community Development for this information). Washoe County permitting and review will be limited to the following:

1. Local use zone requirements.

2. Local Fire zones.

3. Building setbacks.

4. Side and rear yard requirements.

5. Site development and property line requirements.

6. The review and regulation of architectural and aesthetic requirements.

7. Wildland Urban Interface Code (WUIC)

Washoe County permits (both commercial & residential) will include a site inspection permit, a lot development and a building permit for any garage, carport or other structure to be placed upon the property. Utility supply lines, gas/power/water, to the unit will be permitted and inspected by Washoe County. Connections from the supply to the unit will be permitted and inspected by the State.

For new site inspection and lot development permits you will need six copies of a site plan for submittal, unless your property is on a septic, in which case eight site plans will be required.. If submitted at the same time, garage or carport permits may also use the same site plan. As for the other requirements for garage or carport permits please see our Applications - Submittal Checklists page

The Washoe County Department of Building & Safety will not issue permits for foundation systems on manufactured units or homes. Please contact the State Manufactured Housing Division regarding foundation system permits.

With regards to replacement sets for manufactured homes, Washoe County will still issue a site inspection permit. Four copies of a site plan must be provided to apply for a site inspection permit, unless your property is on a septic, in which case six site plans will be required.

The State Manufactured Housing Division will perform installation inspections and plan review for manufactured structures.

Below is the form which needs to be filled out for the Washoe County Community Development Department to be included with your submittal for a site inspection permit outside of the Sun Valley area.

 Manufactured/Mobile Home Handout
 Link to Nevada Manufactured Housing Division

 Link to Manufactured Housing Division Power Point

If you need a trip/moving permit for a manufactured/mobile home, you need to visit the Assessor's Department, Personal Property Division.  The Building Department does not issue trip/moving permits.

Most of the files are in a PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files get current adobe reader

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