Prepare for Wildfires

iStock-1135294416.jpgThis summer is shaping up to be a dangerous wildfire season. Having followed a dry winter and spring, coupled by a robust winter and spring in 2019, there remains an abundance of dry wildland fuels.  Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue has responded to numerous wildfires, to include the 3,000 acre Poeville Fire on Peavine Mountain that impacted Lemmon Valley in June.  And the Numbers Fire burnt nearly 18,000 acres in neighboring Douglas County. 

Crops of cheat grass which burn hot and fast, litter the foothills throughout Washoe County. A single spark is all it takes to trigger a devastating wildfire. Now is a good time to ensure you have defensible space around your property, an area free and clear of dry and dead vegetation. Avoid outdoor activities that start fires such as target shooting and off-roading.  And remember that pile burning is strictly prohibited.  

It is a good idea to be equipped with a small fire extinguisher or water, along with hand tools in case you start a fire.  And always be prepared for any major disaster with enough food, water and emergency supplies to include prescription drugs and items for infants for at least three days in case you are asked to evacuate.  Here are two helpful resources during the wildfire season.    

Be prepared for wildfires 

Monitor the current status of wildfires