Subrecipient Resources

This page is intended for Community Reinvestment Grant Program awardees (subrecipients). The webpage includes resources related to reporting, procurement, and training. Information about awardee performance and impact can be seen on the ARPA Projects and Dashboard page.



Options Veterinary Care $100,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada $31,630
Community Foundation of Northern Nevada $210,985
Project Discovery $49,975
Friends of Black Rock High Rock $49,864
Tu Casa Latina $23,450
Incline Education Fund $50,000
Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts $66,500
Rebuilding Together Northern Nevada $100,000
Sierra Nevada Journeys $177,655
Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum (The Discovery) $100,000
Community Services Agency $61,052
Note-Able Music Therapy Services $255,506
Food Bank of Northern Nevada $110,550
Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada $483,708
Domestic Violence Resource Center $97,130
Nevada Legal Services $243,200
Communities In Schools of Western Nevada $740,512
High Sierra Area Health Education Center (AHEC) $323,750
The Life Change Center $568,042
ReDirect Youth Outreach $133,965
The Empowerment Center $58,230
Northern Nevada Literacy Council $345,485



Activity Reports

Each quarter, subrecipients are required to submit an Activity Report that serves as a an update on the status of the project and goal attainment through the Project Evaluation Report (submitted as one). After the award performance period ends, subrecipients are required to submit a Project Impact Report (form coming soon) that identifies project successes, testimonials, and impact. 

Financial Report

Community Reinvestment Grants are cost-reimbursable unless approved by the Award Manager ahead of time. Grantees may request reimbursement of funds no more often than monthly on the 10th day of the month. Financial reports should include a cover sheet (invoice) with all necessary backup attached in a single pdf. 

Invoices details to include: Business Name, Project Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Payment Terms

Budget Categories for Cover Sheet: Salary, Fringe, Travel, Equipment, Supplies, Contractual, Other, Indirect calculated on 10% MTDC.

Proper backup may include: payroll reports, timecards, receipts, invoices paid, contracts, proof of payment, detailed/itemized receipts, procurement forms as applicable. Indirect costs may be requested for eligible Modified Total Direct Costs at 10% unless your organization has a negotiated indirect cost rate with a federal agency on file with Washoe County. 


All award reporting, budget amendments, and project team information must be submitted through their eCivis portal that was used to apply to the award, accept the award, and manage reports. For questions about eCivis, please contact 

eCivis Portal login: 

Reporting Forms

Reporting Instructions for ARPA Projects

Quarterly Activity Report Form

Project Evaluation Report Form

Reporting Dates

Subrecipients are required to submit Activity Reports for their ARPA-funded projects on the 10th day after the end of the Quarter through eCivis. Reporting templates can be found above.​​​​

  • January 10th, 2023
  • April 10th, 2023
  • July 10th, 2023
  • October 10th, 2023
  • January 10th, 2024
  • April 10th, 2024
  • July 10th, 2024
  • October 10th, 2024
  • January 10th, 2025


If you are a subrecipient of ARPA-SLFRF funds from Washoe County, as describeed in your subgrant agreement, all of your expenditures must follow federal procurement rules.  

For purchases made with federal funds the dollar thresholds to determine the three levels of Procurement are below: micropurchases, small purchases and competitive purchases. 

The Washoe County Community Reinvestment team is here to answer your questions and provide guidance as needed. We all want to ensure compliant spending with these funds. Contact:

Procurement Thresholds

Micro Purchase - Under $10,000*

Small Purchase - $10,001 - $99,999

  • Obtain 3 quotes from vendors and provide a thoroughly documented analysis of why the vendor was selected. 
  • Any purchase over $50,000 must document that the vendor is actively registered on and is not debarred or suspended.
  • Subrecipient Small Purchase Procurement Form

Sole Source - $10,001 - $99,999

  • Sole source is a non-competitive form of procurement that should be used sparingly. There must be proper justification that the purchase qualifies as a sole source.
  • Consult your award manager before procuring goods or services through sole source. 
  • Subrecipient Sole Source Procurement Form

Sealed Bid - Over $100,000

  • A competitive form of procurement that involves a formal bidding process and advertising. 
  • Consult your award manager before procuring goods or services through sole source.
  • Subrecipient Sealed Bid Procurement Form

Competitive Proposal - Over $100,000

For all federal procurement:

  • Purchases must be reasonable and necessary for the grant and follow cost principles. 
  • Minority-owned and women-owned businesses must be outreached to or explored.
  • No cost-plus contracts are allowed using federal award.
  • A vendor may not help an entity develop a scope of work for a project and bid on the project. This is considered self-selection and introduces a conflict of interest. 

Other Procurement-Related Forms

Federal Contract Provisions Checklist

Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determination Form Entity Look-Up Guide

Sample Language for Federal Compliance 

Any person making a purchase using federal funds must have a Washoe County conflict of interest attestation form on file. 

Any purchase over $50,000 using ARPA-SLFRF funds must ensure that the entity (vendor) is actively registered on and has a Unique Entity Identifier. 

* For non-profit entities funded by Washoe County ARPA-SLFRF funds who have not self-certified a higher micropurchase threshold, the threshold is $10,000 in compliance with uniform guidance.


Forms and Resources

ARPA-SLFRF U.S. Treasury Final Rule

2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance

TEMPLATE - Personnel Tracking Sheet  Your organization may use the Personnel Tracking Sheet if your payroll system cannot accurately account for an employee's hours worked, encompass funding sources, and provide notes on activities.



Trainings and Recordings

March 29, 2023 Subrecipient Training: eCivis Demo

Recording Link: 3-29-2023

Slides: 3-29-2923 Subrecipient Training


January 10, 2023 Subrecipient Training: Round 2 Awardees

Recording Link: 1-10-2023

Slides: Subrecipient Training: Round 2 Awardees


November 30, 2022 Subrecipient Training: Round 1 Awardees

Recording Link: 11-30-2022

Slides: ARPA Community Reinvestment Grant Program Awardee Meeting 11-30-2022