Vote In Person

There will be multiple Vote Centers available to either vote in person or to drop off your mail-in ballot during Early Voting and on Election Day.  You no longer have to go to one specific “assigned” Election Day polling place. Instead, you may choose the most convenient Vote Center for you. 

When voting in person, you are encouraged to bring one of the following items to expedite your check-in process:

  • Sample Ballot
  • Voter Notification Card
  • Mail-In Ballot (if you received one)

In order to cast your ballot on the voting machine, the Election Worker at the polling location will ask you to surrender your mail-in ballot at the time of voting. 

If you did not receive one or do not have your mail-in ballot to surrender, you will be asked to sign an affirmation statement to attest that you will not vote twice. Once validated, the Election Worker will proceed with the check-in process so you can cast your ballot on the voting machine.

If you do have your Mail-In ballot filled out ahead of time, you have the option to either turn in your Mail-In ballot to the Vote Center to cast your vote or surrender your Mail-In ballot to the election worker to vote in person on the voting machine.   

If you have already turned in your Mail-In Ballot at a drop off location or polling place to cast your vote, you cannot vote in person on the voting machine. 

Save time and check out our Wait Time tool during Early Voting and on Election Day!

If you prefer to vote in person, we have a Wait Time tool that can help you avoid waiting in lengthy lines. Beginning with early voting, users can check out which Vote Center is most convenient and the least crowded before traveling to vote. Before you vote in person, save time and go to our live Wait Time link on the Registrar of Voters main page at for updates on current wait times for any given Vote Center location.


Need a ride?

Ride RTC transit services free to the Vote Centers. Learn more at RTC Free Ride