Vote from Home: Mail-in Ballots

About Mail-In Ballots: 

Starting in 2022, Nevada has become an all mail-in ballot state where every active registered voter will be issued a mail-in ballot for all future elections (AB321, 2021 Legislative Session).  Voters may still choose to vote in-person at any early voting or Election Day Vote Center if they prefer.  Voters may also elect to “opt-out” of receiving mail-in ballots for this and all future elections.

  • All voters who are registered to vote no later than 14 days before Election Day will receive a mail-in ballot whether the voter has requested one or not (unless the voter has opted-out).
  • Ballots must be dropped off at a drop box location by 7:00 pm on Election day or postmarked on or before Election Day and received in our office by 5:00 pm on the fourth day following Election Day to be counted.
  • The deadline to cure mail-in ballot signature issues is by 5:00 pm on the sixth day after Election Day.

If your mail-in ballot is returned to a ballot drop box, if scanned, it is for internal logistics only. Your ballot will not be scanned into the official system until received by the Registrar of Voter office at the end of the night. For this reason, you can track your ballot starting the following day.

Your Mail-In Ballot will contain: 

  • Your mail-in ballot
  • postage-paid return envelope that you must use to return  your ballot
  • instructions for voting by mail

Mail-In Ballot is Damaged or Lost:

If your ballot is lost or defaced, contact the Washoe County Registrar of Voters at (775) 328-3670. You must vote in person at a Vote Center location or appear in person at the Registrar of Voters Office to receive a replacement ballot.

Opt out of Receiving a Mail-In Ballot: If you prefer to not receive a mail-in ballot you can opt out. To opt out, you must submit a written or online form requesting that you not receive a ballot by mail for the current and all future elections.

  • Click here for the written opt-out form in English. 
  • Click here for the written opt-out form in Spanish.
  • Click here for the online requests on the Office of the Secretary of State's website who will provide us with your request.

NOTE: Registrar of Voters must receive all requests no later than 60 days before Election Day to opt-out for the next election.  If the request is received after the 60 days prior to election deadline, you will still receive a ballot in the mail for the next election and your request will go into effect for the following election. 

Do I have to use my mail-in ballot?

No, you can vote in person. If you choose to vote in person, do not fill out your mail-in ballot.  You will be asked to surrender your mail-in ballot at the polling location or sign an affirmation at the intake station. Go to our Vote In Person page for more information. 

If you mailed back the ballot or dropped the ballot off at any drop off location, you cannot vote in-person.  Voting or attempting to vote twice is a felony.

For more information on voting by mail, see below: