Voter Registration

The Washoe County Registrar of Voters mission is to ensure that every citizen of Washoe County who is eligible to register and vote is able to do so.  The following will help guide you to the resources you need:

Voter Registration: find out how to register to vote and learn more about same-day registration.

Check My Registration: confirm whether or not you are currently registered to vote, learn how to update your address, and/or change your party affiliation.

Registration Update Forms: to access frequently used forms such as change of address, deceased voter notification, request to become a confidential voter, or cancel your voter registration in Washoe County.

Military and Overseas: provides registration information for our active military, those stationed outside the United States, or are a US Citizen living overseas.

Voters with Disabilities: offers guidance on accommodation and accessibility to register and vote.

Civil Rights Restored: Any Nevada resident who is convicted of a felony in Nevada or in any other state is immediately restored the right to vote upon the individual’s release from prison.

Voter Bill of RightsThe Nevada Voter Bill of Rights, as outlined in NRS 293.2546.