Office of the Washoe County Treasurer

Questions for Buyers Post-Sale

  • Is the Certificate of Sale a public document?

    Yes. The Certificate of Sale note is recorded with the Washoe County Recorder's office. The original note will be mailed to the buyer after it is recorded.
  • Who can redeem the Certificate of Sale note?

    The property owner and other major lien holders (e.g.,mortgage company) may redeem the Certificate of Sale at any time during the redemption period. Payment must be in the form of cash, cashiers check or money order.
  • How long must I hold the Certificate of Sale before requesting a deed to the property?

    The redemption periods are 120 days for vacant land and 2 years for improved property per N.R.S. 271.595(1)
  • What documentation do I need to submit to the Treasurer in order to request a deed?

    The Original Certificate of Sale

    Notarized statement of steps taken to notify property owner

    Copy of Notice to Property Owner Affidavit (proof of service on property owner)

    Affidavit of Search (if unable to locate, what did you do to locate the property owner)

    Affidavit of Publication (proof of publication)
  • How do I obtain the deed to the property once I have purchased a Certificate of Sale?

    Notice of the purchaser’s intention to request a deed to the property must be given to the property owner no earlier than the day after the expiration of the redemption period (120 days for vacant land, 2 years for improved property). The property owner then has 60 days in which to redeem the property.
  • What information does the notice have to contain?

    The notice must state that the purchaser holds the Certificate of Sale and that he will demand a deed to the property, if not redeemed by the property owner, at the end of the 60 day notice. The property owner must remit payment to the Washoe County Treasurer's Office in certified funds within the 60 day notice period.
  • How do I serve notice on the property owner?

    Notice must be given by personal service upon the owner. Personal service means that the notice must be delivered to the person of the owner. Certified mail does not suffice. (Suggestion: process server). You may also wish to publish a notification in addition to the personal service notification per N.R.S. 271.190.
  • What if the property owner is not a resident of Nevada or cannot be located within the state?

    If the owner is not a resident of Nevada, or cannot be found within the state after diligent search, the notice may be given by publication. Diligent search requires more than one attempt to locate the property owner. Notice by publication is defined by N.R.S. 271.190 and includes publication at least once a week in a newspaper of general circulation in the County. The publication must be verified by the affidavit of the publisher.
  • What constitutes a "diligent" search?

    You must make more than one attempt to locate the property owner. If they do not reside at the address of record, you must try to locate them by other methods. You may search the telephone directory, contact the Secretary of State's office for information on business or corporations, etc. All efforts must be documented and submitted as an affidavit.
  • What do I do at the end of the 60 day notification period?

    At the end of the 60 day notification period, if the property has not been redeemed, the Treasurer must provide a deed to the purchaser or his assignee when he surrenders to the Treasurer the Certificate of Sale and documentation of the notice provided by the purchaser to the owner of the property. Before a deed will be issued, all delinquent taxes or assessments must be paid current.
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