Special Assessments

Justin Taylor, Washoe County Treasurer

PHONE:   (775) 322-7788 (Special Assessments)
FAX:  (775) 328-2500


Special Assessment Districts (SAD) are established when there is a need for work (i.e., installation/repair of sidewalks, installation of sewer systems, paving of streets) that would be considered to benefit a specified group of parcels.  The cost of the work done is apportioned to the benefited property on a pro-rata basis, and becomes a lien against that property until the assessment amount is paid in full.

Property owners are given the opportunity to pay the amount assessed against their parcel in full, without demand, during the 30 day pre-payment period.  Typically, bonds are sold to cover any amounts not paid at this time.  These unpaid assessments are set up on a payment schedule, with interest accruing, and those assessment payments are used to pay off the bond debt over time. 

 Payments for Washoe County administered special assessments may be mailed to:


Washoe County Treasurer, PO Box 842034, Los Angeles CA  90084-2034

Information is also available on the following website: www.amgnv.com 


Washoe County is required to commence foreclosure proceedings for the collection of delinquent assessments.  Within sixty days of delinquency, the County will prepare a Resolution for Notice of Sale to be approved by the County Commission.  A foreclosure fee of $375.00 will be charged to all parcels during the third delinquent month.  A title search will be done on all delinquent parcels in foreclosure.  At least 20 days prior to the sale, a Notice of Sale will be mailed to the parcel owner and all parties with a recorded interest in the property.  At least 15 days prior to the sale, the Notice of Sale will be published in the Reno Gazette Journal.  The Notice of Sale will be published once a week for three consecutive weeks.

At any time prior to the day of sale, the owner may pay the amount of delinquent installments, with accrued interest, all penalties, and costs of collection accrued, including but not necessarily limited to any attorney's fees, and thereupon shall be restored to the right, thereafter, to pay in installments in the same manner as if the default had not occurred.

If any delinquency is not cured by the day of sale, the parcel will be foreclosed upon.  On the day of sale, the parcel will be sold to the first person willing to pay the delinquent assessment, accrued interest, all penalties and costs of collection accrued, including but not necessarily limited to any attorney's fees.  The first person is determined by a show of hands at the sale.  If more than one person wants the same parcel, the County will draw buyer numbers to determine the buyer.  The buyer then has until 10:00 am the following day to pay.  When payment is made, a Certificate of Sale is recorded against the property.  To redeem the property, the owner, or his grantee, mortgagee, heir or other representative must pay the amount on the Certificate of Sale plus monthly interest of one percent for every month (12 percent per annum) the buyer holds the Certificate of Sale.  The monthly interest of one percent will not be prorated.  If there is a permanent residential dwelling or any other significant permanent improvements on the property or as determined by the governing body, the redemption period is two years.  All other cases are 120 days.

As sales are scheduled, specific time, date, location and property information will be provided on this site.

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