Memorials & Tributes

Memorial BricksPaver-Example.jpg

The Memorial Brick program is a respectful way to honor a loved one or pay tribute to a family member, friend, or business. Only the name of the person, friend, or business you are honoring is engraved on the brick. All bricks are located in the Labyrinth Garden. Available for $250 each. 



Donor Trees & Benches

Donor Tree (20 year term) - $15,000 per tree
The Donor Tree program enables an individual or organization to help maintain currently established trees in the Arboretum. These are trees that have been planted for a minimum of 2 years and are in good health, and have a caliper of 3+ inches or more. Trees that are eligible must be free from current donors as well as officially logged into the Arboretum's data collection. 

Donor Bench (10 year term)
The Donor Bench program enables an individual or organization to support a new bench. There are two types of benches that can be chosen for sponsorship:

  • Benches with backs - $15,500
  • Benches with backs & arm rests - $16,500

Plaques (included with the Tree & Bench donation)
Donors will have the opportunity to provide information for a decorative plaque this is placed in a designated area of the park. The plaque is a donor custom plaque which may contain the name of the person, company, and/or organization with dates. Inscriptions on plaques consist of 3 lines, with 16 characters per line. (Characters include letters, spacing, punctuation, etc.). Any vulgar profanities or disparaging and insensitive content on the plaque will not be permitted and language used will be at the discretion of the Horticulturist for approval. 

Funds collected from the memorial and tribute programs are used solely for the development, health and maintenance of the Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Additional terms and conditions apply. To view the entirety of dedication policies and procedures click here.
Contact the Arboretum Horticulturist Luke Sorenson at or call 775-785-4153 for additional information.