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Washoe ArTrail Project

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Project Description: 


ArTrail_Poster_Ad_R1_wImpliedMoon.jpgThe County in partnership with Burning Man and multiple community partners will develop a public participatory experience through an ArTrail that celebrates cultural, historic and artistic landmarks. The ArTrail will route along the Truckee River through the cities of Reno and Sparks, turn north to historic Lake Pyramid on Paiute Tribal land, and continue to the Gerlach area in the far northern region of Washoe County, over 200 miles.


The ArTrail will draw urban residents out of cities to experience and participate in the beauty and culture of the place we call home; and connect our rural residents to the economic, arts, and cultural features, organizations and individuals in our cities. 


  • Engage and connect residents with each other and this place
  • Increase residents’ engagement with local art
  • Celebrate the distinctive character and assets of Washoe County
  • Economic Development

 Project Objectives:

  • Public art commissioned for two new installations – Crystal Peak Park, and Gerlach. 
  • Computer Application for iOS & Android that uses location-awareness and augmented reality to engage users with ArTrail sites. 
  • Community engagement with rural and urban residents to identify potential sites, and describe the new public art. 
  • Create the layers of engagement and authenticity with regard to the art, the artists, and the community. 
  • Identify and map existing cultural, historic and artistic landmarks (minimum of 10 for ArTrail). 
  • Educational content for each of the sites, for App & signage. 
  • Signage for at least 10 sites.

ArTrail in the Media:

Project Primary Partners:

Burning Man Project               Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe     Reno Sparks Indian Colony   

Nevada Land Trust*               KTMB*                                   Gerlach GID                          

City of Reno                           City of Sparks                         Nevada Museum of Art

*One Truckee River (OTR)

Story Circles:

Gerlach Storyteller
Stewart Robinson
Harv’s Biscuits
Verdi Storyteller
Neal Cobb
The Best Fishing is in Verdi
Reno Storyteller
Michael Casale
Fishing Interrupted
Sparks Storyteller
Tricia Dutcher
Bats in the Summer
Nixon Storyteller
Carla Eban
Grandma and My Language
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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »