Petitioning WCPG As Guardian

Petitioning for guardianship is a court process that requires specific legal paperwork completed and submitted by either an individual or an attorney.  (Individuals who are proceeding without the assistance of an attorney may wish to reference "Second Judicial District Court Resource Center" under our Helpful Links section.)

For more information on adult guardianships, you may wish to review the Adult Guardianship page on the Second Judicial District Court website:

Pursuant to NRS 159.044, anyone may petition the court for the service of the Public Guardian.  If you intend to petition for the Public Guardian to serve as guardian for an individual, please forward a copy of the petition, the Acknowledgement of Public Guardian as required by NRS 253.200, and all notices of hearings.

If you are looking to petition our office as guardian for an individual, we also ask that you complete the following form and submit it to us when you provide the above paperwork:

Washoe County Public Guardian Information Sheet

Below is some 
general information that may be helpful:

  • Family members or friends, if appropriate, have first priority to serve as guardian of an individual instead of the Public Guardian.  We ask that you contact family members and friends regarding the possibility of serving as guardian before you contact us.
  • Please provide all requested documentation, as well as any other information you think may be pertinent to our review of the case.
  • Once the requested documentation has been submitted to our office, please keep us informed of any significant changes (i.e., medical condition, residence, family involvement, etc.) regarding the proposed protected person.