About Development Code

The Washoe County Development Code is contained within the Washoe County Code as Chapter 110. The Development Code, together with related information and applications necessary for development, is available from the Washoe County Planning and Building Division.

The Washoe County Development Code is subject to periodic revision. Amendments are published as they become available. The date in the footer of each article identifies the date that each article was adopted or last revised. If you have a printed copy of the Development Code and wish to determine if your version is current, please refer to the Amendment History

For information on other chapters of the Washoe County Code, including the most recent ordinances, please contact the Office of the County Clerk at 775.328.3084. Click here to access other chapters of the Washoe County Code.

How is the Development Code Organized?

The Washoe County Development Code is comprised of the following nine divisions:

  • Division One - Introduction and Organization
  • Division Two - Area Plan Regulations
  • Division Three - Regulation of Uses
  • Division Four - Development Standards
  • Division Five - Signs
  • Division Six - Subdivision Regulations
  • Division Seven - Infrastructure Availability and Financing
  • Division Eight - Procedures
  • Division Nine - General Provisions

The Development Code also includes a compilation of current interpretations and an index. The frontpiece contains a summary of both the adoption and revision dates for the Development Code, including the bill and ordinance numbers with a brief summary of each revision. The frontpiece also contains a numerical contents by division and article.

For questions regarding the Development Code contact:
Planning and Building Division Planning Counter
Phone: 775.328.6100
Fax: 775.328.6133
E-mail: planning@washoecounty.us