Business and Development

Washoe County Community Service Department (CSD) is here to help with your business and development projects within unincorporated Washoe County. CSD is focused on public safety - steering you to the guidelines and local, adopted codes/regulations for how to complete projects safely and receive final approval.

Quickstart Guide

Who We Are

Who We Are

We can answer a range of questions from - can I have this garage on my property, to how to obtain your final certificate of occupancy on new building, and how to submit for a business license. 


Guide for Initial Questions

Guide for Initial Questions

Our Project Information Sheet is a tool to guide research on development and building projects. Our Business License online guides and information are a roadmap through the process of obtaining a local business license. 


Expert of the Day

Initial information from experts in Planning (is this allowed on my property) Engineering (stormwater, flooding, traffic), Building (does the building itself need permit/meet safety standards?), to Business License (how do I obtain a business license in Washoe County, do I need a license?) easily available through our Expert of the Day program. 


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Virtual Meetings with Experts

Washoe County Predevelopment is free service to help you with your development questions.  Learn More »