Accounts Payable

Phone: 775-328-2552
(Fax 775-325-8011)

Federal Employer ID #88-6000138
Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate #88730007K
Department of Taxation Account No: RCE-013-534
Washoe County DUNS #07-378-6998
Print a Washoe County W-9 form 

The Accounts Payable team ensures that approximately 92,000 invoices from more than 11,000 vendors each year are paid accurately and on time.

In order to contain costs while continuing to provide timely payments to our vendors, in 2011 Washoe County implemented a plan to reduce the number of payments made using checks.  As a result, payments made by check are only issued on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. 

We encourage all of our regular vendors to take advantage of one of Washoe County’s available electronic payment options, rather than receiving payment by check.  Electronic payments are made every week and vendors using these methods have reported excellent results.  If you are a regular vendor and are not already enrolled in electronic payments, we invite you to email us or call us at the above number to learn more.

Vendors: Call or e-mail to request an Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit form for electronic payment.