The accounting division maintains financial records for 23 governmental funds, 6 proprietary and internal service funds, 1 investment trust fund, various agency funds, and 1 component unit on a budget to actual basis, and prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, interim reports and other financial reports. 

This division also maintains the accounting and reporting processes of the County's bonds and debt management strategies.  You can access the Washoe County Debt Management Policy by clicking on this link. 
Washoe County's CAFR has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for 36 consecutive years.  The Certificate of Achievement is a prestigious national award recognizing conformance with the highest standards for preparation of state and local government financial reports.  In order to be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, a government must publish an easily readable and efficiently organized comprehensive annual financial report, whose contents conform to program standards.   The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report must satisfy both Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and applicable legal requirements. 

The Accounting division is also staffed with the extensive knowledge and expertise of the accountants listed below:     

       Cris Shimkovsky, CPA, Senior Accountant - (775) 328-2653

       Na Na Huang, Accountant II - (775) 328-2564

       Asta Dominguez Glidewell, CPA, Senior Accountant - (775) 328-2559

       Susan O'Haro, Senior Accountant  (775) 328-2567

       Joyce Garrett, Accountant II (775) 328-2566

       Michelle Glodt-Mikoliczyk, Accountant II (775) 328-2562

       Rebecca Mosher, Senior Accountant (775) 328-2659

Fund Responsibility