Smoke & Vape-Free Parks help residents breath easy in Washoe County

smoke.jpgWashoe County, along with City of Reno & City of Sparks, are proud to clear the air by announcing all county & city parks would officially now be designated smoke and vape-free areas.

Over the last two years, the Washoe County Health District has worked with the community and key stakeholders on this regional effort.

Taking into consideration the health of people, pets and wildlife, environmental impacts, maintenance, clean-up costs and fire risk, residents and agencies have agreed that ensuring our parks are smoke and vape-free is in the best interest of our community.

“As Commissioners and northern Nevada residents, we’re proud of our open space, we’re proud of our parks and this is the right thing to do for our community,” says Commissioner Bob Lucey. “We need to look at this from a global level, as long as we maintain parks, this falls in line with our vision and our mission.”

To learn about Smoke and Vape-Free Parks in Washoe County, click here.