Washoe County is here When You Need Us

annual-report-single.jpgOn October 17, 2019 Washoe County hosted the 2019 Washoe Impact Awards annual event to celebrate achievements and honor the employees and the programs that impact our community.
The Washoe Impacts Awards is the report to the community and State of the County event. This year’s theme was: When You Need Us. Whether our community needs a road repair, a marriage or birth certificate or help with a lost animal, this event highlighted the many ways Washoe County is here, When You Need Us.
During the event, Washoe County officials also bestowed four awards that celebrated work that impacts our community, with the award categories based on Washoe County’s core values: Integrity, Effective Communication, Quality Public Service and the Manager’s Choice for Commitment to Excellence.
This year, the award winners in each category are:
  • Washoe Impacts INTEGRITY Award Winner: Guardianship Training (Public Guardian’s Office)
  • Washoe Impacts EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Award Winner: Washoe Eats Mobile App (Health District & Technology Services)
  • Washoe Impact QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICE Award Winner: Kids Café: Free Summer Meals Program (Library System)
  • Washoe Impact MANAGER’S CHOICE FOR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE Award Winner: Tissue Donation Program (Medical Examiner’s Office)

The State of the County couldn’t be complete without our 2018-19 Annual Report When You Need Us. This year’s report highlights accomplishments based off Washoe County’s Strategic Objectives, includes interactive features, videos, community kudos and more. To view a digital copy of the Annual Report, click here.