Deceased Animal

WCRAS officers will respond to remove deceased, stray domestic animals and small wildlife from Washoe County roadways.

WCRAS does not pick up owned deceased pets but does offer a disposal service for a fee of $10 for each small animal, dog or cat.  WCRAS does not accept livestock for disposal.

Local veterinarians as well as the businesses listed below may be able to assist with the disposal of your pet. Please contact them to see what services they offer.

If you prefer to bury your deceased pet on your property please visit the Washoe County Environmental Health Department for guidelines and more information.

For reporting a deceased stray animal or wildlife, please include the following information:

  • Location of the animal (street address, crossing and/or nearest landmarks).
  • Is the animal impeding traffic/in a travel lane? If so, which lane or direction?
  • Description of the animal (black and white cat, large brown dog).
  • Your contact information so the officer can contact you if necessary.


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