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Testing FAQ

Is Participant Drug Testing just as probable on weekends and holidays as other days? 
Yes.  We conduct drug testing 7 days a week, 365 days a year so a participant can be randomly called on any day. 

Do we perform oral fluid tests?
Our primary collection method is urine.  We do offer oral fluid tests but only if the participant provides a doctor's order stating that they have a condition that would interfere with producing a urine sample. 
Does the drug testing only test for substances we suspect?  
At this time we are conducting a nine panel drug screen to include ETG.  Starting July 1, 2019, we moved to new procedure that will test for 12 drugs over the course of 30 days.  We also work with the courts and Medical Examiner’s Office to determine trends in the Washoe County area and have the ability to add testing for any new drugs that may become prevalent in our area. 
Is the collection of specimens witnessed? 
All collections are observed by gender appropriate staff who are thoroughly trained, including how to detect tampering devices.  Validity procedures are in effect for all of our tests. 
Are participants permitted to undergo independent drug or alcohol testing in lieu of being tested by Sober24? 
We do not accept drug tests conducted by outside agencies to replace tests required by us.  We do contract with Millennium Health to conduct confirmation/validation tests for all contested samples. 
Are test specimens examined for dilution and adulteration? 
All tests are required to be checked for temperature, creatinine and specific gravity at this time. 
Does DAS use scientifically valid and reliable testing procedures and establishes a chain of custody for each specimen? 
DAS does have procedures in place to maintain chain of custody and the validity of each sample.  If for whatever reason we feel that the sample has not maintained the appropriate chain of custody (i.e. left unattended, possible cross contamination) then that sample is considered to be invalid and will not be used for or against the participant. 
Are drug or metabolite concentrations falling below industry-or manufacturer-recommended cutoffs not interpreted as evidence of new substance use or changes in participants’ substance use patterns unless such a determination is based on specialized staff expertise in analyzing toxicology results?  
Our current testing standard utilizes drug testing presumptive cups that have an established cutoff rate.   Beginning July 1, 2019 we have an in house Immuno Assay lab.  We also are establishing procedures in which samples will be randomly or upon suspicion tested at lower concentrations. 
Are test results available to the court or agency within 48 hours of specimen collection? 
All results are available within 24 hours except contested positive samples that require lab confirmation.  Those results are generally available with 7 days.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »