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Customer and Enterprise Solutions (CES) supports County computers, mobile devices, computer peripherals, printers, and software. CES also maintains, operates, upgrades, and protects the County’s technology infrastructure in a manner that provides all County users with consistent, reliable, and secure access to the applications, data and technology systems they need to perform their business functions. CES is focused on improving employee satisfaction and increasing their productivity by: 

Providing a quality customer service and user support experience 

  • Incorporating industry best practices 
  • Enabling greater technology self-service for employees 
  • Upgrading desktop productivity software for employees 
  • Providing access to data and information from anywhere, anytime and with any device 
  • Developing bring your own device strategies 
  • Shifting from a device-centric delivery framework to a user-centric delivery framework 

Continually enhance reliability and security of the information infrastructure 

  • Wired and wireless networks 
  • Internet and intranet 
  • Telephones 
  • Security 
  • Server and storage networks 
  • County Data Center, MDF, and IDF planning and support 
  • UPS system maintenance 
  • Manage system availability risks with redundancy and recover-ability operations 

Systems Administration

  • Identity authentication
  • Database administration
  • Email administration
  • Web servers
  • FTP processes
  • SAP Basis administration
  • Public/private cloud management
  • Implement and grow Hyper-Converge Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Maximize our virtual server environment capabilities
  • Protecting County data with backup and recovery solutions and plans

Implementing and monitoring Cyber Security solutions to protect County data and infrastructure assets against evolving threats

  • Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Firewall services for both internet and criminal justice 
  • Auditing for state and federal regulations 
  • Internal auditing of computer systems 
  • Anti-virus for desktop computers 
  • Encrypted portable flash drives 
  • Secure email outbound encryption for personal information.
  • Virtual network access for remote connectivity.

Installing, supporting, and managing technology solutions designed to enhance the physical security of County buildings and employees

  • Video camera systems and video storage systems
  • Door Access Control systems
  • Panic Alarm systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Support of touch screen system and intercom technologies for the regional detention center

Work with County departments to understand business continuity and disaster recovery requirements and priorities

  • Manage system availability, redundancy, and recovery capabilities
  • Ensure capabilities in data archiving, retention and recovery
  • Protect the County’s data with backup and recovery solutions and plans