Traffic Court

The Juvenile Traffic Court oversees all minor traffic offenses involving individuals under the age of 18 that take place in Washoe County (NRS 62E.700). Operating under the direction of the Second Judicial District Court, Family Division, our procedures encompass various options, including fines, driver's license suspension, mandatory traffic survival courses, and other penalties or educational enhancements designed to educate and hold juveniles accountable for their driving behavior. Additional information on juvenile traffic laws can be accessed through the State of Nevada, Department of Motor Vehicles website, at Nevada DMV.

Traffic Offenses:
Traffic offenses can occur in the operation of an automobile, motorcycle, scooter/moped, bicycle, off road vehicle, or watercraft. Juveniles who commit a traffic offense resulting in a citation are required to appear in Juvenile Traffic Court at Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 
Traffic Hearings:
Traffic hearings are presided over by a juvenile Traffic Master, appointed by a District Court Judge, who may impose fines, classes, or other sanctions after discussing the circumstances with the juvenile and parent or legal guardian. Juveniles wishing to dispute the citation are entitled to due process rights and may request a contested traffic hearing. Failure to follow through with any sanction imposed by the Traffic Master may result in a formal conviction, driver's license suspension or other penalties, that may add points/demerits to the juvenile's driving record.
Traffic Hearings are held Monday through Friday, except holidays.
To reschedule a hearing, please contact our Traffic Office as soon as possible, at 775-325-7901.
Language Access:
Traffic Hearings are available in any language through the services of an interpreter. For access to a free interpreter, please notify the Traffic Office immediately upon receipt of the summons. Family members or friends cannot interpret at these hearings.
Traffic Fines:
Traffic Fines cannot be paid in lieu of a Traffic Court appearance.  If a fine is imposed by the Traffic Master, payments can be made by cash, check, money order, or any major credit card.  To discuss the terms of payment or questions about a payment plan, contact Washoe County Collections, at 775-328-2652. Failure to pay a fine may result in collection fees and a formal conviction that may add points/demerits to the juvenile's driving record.

If the Traffic Master requires proof of insurance, registration, or other documentation, it is your responsibility to ensure that any documentation you submit includes the juvenile's name and date of birth.