Traffic Programming

The goal of the Traffic Division is to better prepare young drivers for our roadways, with an emphasis on safety, decision-making, and accountability. The following programs are offered to our young drivers. 

Traffic Survival School:
Traffic Survival School is a partnership between Washoe County Department of Juvenile Services and Nevada State Police.  If the Traffic Master imposes Traffic School, the check-in time is by 3:00 p.m. on your scheduled Wednesday, with an end time of 6:30 p.m.
D.R.I.V.E Driving Responsibly Includes Vehicle Education Program (Traffic Safety Class) 
The DRIVE program is designed specifically for inexperienced drivers. The purpose of this program is to instill the cognition and responsibility of driving a motor vehicle, changing the teen driver's perceptions. This program is available to juveniles 16-18 years of age with a total of 3 hours of instruction. Enrollment in this program requires a referral from a Traffic Master.
U-DRIVE Program 
The U-DRIVE Program is geared towards juveniles needing to complete the written test to obtain their Nevada Instruction Permit/Driver's License. This course curriculum was taken from the Nevada Driver's Handbook to teach knowledge of traffic laws, signs, signals and defensive driving techniques. After completing this program, the juvenile will have covered the main points from the Nevada Driver's Handbook, which will assist when taking the written test. This program is available to juveniles 15-18 years of age. 
Ready-Assess Virtual Driving Assessment (VDA)
Ready-Assess ™ is a self-guided virtual driving assessment developed by Diagnostic Driving, Inc. that exposes young drivers to common driving scenarios to specifically gauge crash-avoidance skills. The program diagnoses a driver’s strengths, promotes road safety, and builds safe driving skills.  Juveniles may be ordered to complete this program in response to traffic violations and other unsafe driving behavior.