Wittenberg Hall complies with and strongly supports the protection of the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual activity, threats to engage in non-consensual sexual activity, or solicitation to engage in sexual activity between juveniles, staff and juveniles, and volunteers or contractors and juveniles, whether consensual or non-consensual.  All allegations of sexual abuse or harassment will be investigated.

To notify us of suspected sexual mistreatment of a juvenile in detention (either sexual assault or sexual harassment), please call 775-325-7899 to leave a message. Our PREA Coordinator will respond to all messages and initiate an investigation, you can contact 211 as an outside agency and make a report or do an online report.  PREA Form

PREA Coordinator

To learn more about PREA, our policy, and reporting sexual mistreatment of youth in detention, contact the Detention Manager at 775-325-7810.