Contacting Your Detained Child

If your child has been detained, you may communicate with them in one of three ways:

Phone Calls: All phone calls from detention are free, however they must be accepted by the receiving party for a call to be completed. At the time of booking juveniles will receive two calls.  Phone calls are allowed daily and will take place during designated times. While detained, every juvenile has the opportunity to earn special privileges based on outstanding behavior. One of these privileges is to earn an additional 10-minute phone call.  Detained juveniles are only allowed to talk with parents, stepparents, guardians, grandparents, and biological children during their calls. Other adults may be approved by the assigned Probation Officer. Juveniles are permitted to make telephone calls to and from their Attorney, Clergy, Caseworker, C.A.S.A. Worker, and Employer if they are of reasonable duration and time of day as determined by staff.

Phone calls are recorded and subject to review.  Inappropriate conversations or allowing your child to talk to someone that is not allowed may suspend phone call privileges.

Mailed LettersOnly postcards, no larger than 5x7 will be accepted. All postcards must be mailed through the post office, addressed to the juvenile at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center 650 Ferrari-Mcleod, Reno, NV 89512 and must include a complete return address, including the sender's first and last names. All postcards are reviewed for contraband items and inappropriate content. Letters received from other probationers or other institutions may be rejected. Letter writing will take place during designated times. Mail is distributed once daily, Monday through Friday.  Privileged mail is accepted and will be confidential.

Visitation: You must be a parent, stepparent, legal guardian, grandparent or biological child to visit. You must have an official government photo identification. Individuals under the age of 21 must obtain permission from the juvenile's Probation Officer AND the Detention Manager prior to scheduling. Detained juveniles are allowed one visit every other day, Monday through Sunday (including holidays). Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit. Visits begin exactly at the scheduled time, late arrivals (even 1-2 minutes) may be turned away.

To maintain the safety and security of the facility, all visitors must pass through a security screening prior to visiting. If for any reason a visitor is unable to safely pass through the metal detector the visitor will only be allowed to visit Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays). In this case the visitor will be required to have a proper search conducted by a court security officer. The metal detector is sensitive, and it is recommended to not wear any metal or wiring.  All Visitors will be given a second screening with a handheld metal detector prior to being taken to the visitation room. 

Visitors may not pass or give anything to juveniles detained in this facility. Lockers are provided if needed.

No cell phone, keys, purses, drinks, food, or any other items are permitted into the visiting area.  This includes any gifts or mail; these must go through Detention staff.  

All detained juveniles are searched at the conclusion of visits and if contraband is found, future visitation may be suspended or will take place in a non-contact visiting room.

All visits (except with Attorneys and clergy) are subject to both audio and visual observation and as well as being recorded.

To schedule a visit, parents/guardians are required to call and reserve a time for their visit during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., 775-325-7800.  Appointments must be made at least one (1) day in advance, but no more than one (1) week in advance. 

If a juvenile displays violent or improper behavior or if they are in Corrective Room Restriction (CRR), their visit may be suspended.  Visiting is done in thirty (30) minute sessions available from late morning through early evening.

Available Visiting times:

8:00 am, Mon - Thurs
9:00 am, Mon - Sun.
10:00 am, Mon - Thurs, Sat & Sun
11:00 am, Sat & Sun
1:00 pm, Sat & Sun
2:00 pm, Fridays only
3:00 pm, Fridays only
4:00 pm, Mon - Sun.
6:00 pm, Mon - Sun.
7:00 pm, Mon - Sun.