Language Access

Assembly Bill 266

In the 2023 legislative session, Assembly Bill 266 (AB 266) was passed, requiring Washoe County (and all other Nevada cities and counties with populations over 100,000 people) to create a Language Access Plan and take steps to ensure equitable access to services for residents with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Learn more about AB 266 here.


Language Access Policy & Plan

Washoe County’s Board of County Commissioners approved the County’s new Language Access Policy and Plan on April 16, 2024. The policy and plan will work to ensure equitable access to Washoe County government programs and services for individuals with limited English proficiency. 

View the Policy and Plan:

Language Access Plan Summary:

The plan is a roadmap that outlines what the County will be working to implement over the next few years. Some of the changes community members can expect to see include:

  • Translation of vital documents to make programs and services more accessible 
  • Interpretation tools and services available at customer service windows and in the field, offering translation into numerous languages including ASL
  • Translation of vital signage around Washoe County to bring visibility to safety concerns, rules, and locations with services
  • Interpretation services available at many public meetings


Provide Feedback

Washoe County launched a language access community survey in March that will remain open through the summer. This survey aims to gather feedback from our residents to help us better understand the language needs of our community and make a plan to address them. The survey is available in seven languages.

Take the community survey here.



Questions about language access, Title VI and equity can be sent to